When parents are engaged in participatory democracy, child outcomes improve.


Parents are a valued and included constituency, enhancing the civic fabric of Kansas City.


The Parent Leadership Training Institute KC trains and mobilizes parents to be leading advocates for children.


Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) believes that families, communities, and democracy are strengthened when parents have the knowledge and skills to maximize child outcomes at home, in school, in their neighborhood, and in public policy.

PLTI includes the following:

  1. A 21-week leadership and civics course (childcare and meals provided) with nationally trained facilitators,

  2. A framework and supports for parents to develop community projects, and

  3. Individualized coaching and connections to advance parents' civic leadership during the program and after graduation.

Over the course of the program, PLTI-KC parents start to not only see themselves in leadership positions, but know they can take collective action to solve problems that affect them, their families, and their communities.

Transformational Change

“Leadership, community organizing, and other movement-building organizations must invest in human development; otherwise, they may experience policy wins, but will not build power in a way that leads to transformational change.” Source: Parent Leadership Indicators Project.  

PLTI is part of the Parent Leadership Indicators Project and the Parent Leadership Evaluation Network.

Help Our Cause

The power to make positive change for the next generation starts by investing in parents’ potential. Help us build parent power. 


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Community Capital Fund

Parent Leadership Training Institute – Kansas City is a sponsored project of Community Capital Fund (CCF), a Kansas City, Missouri non-profit service organization (45-4561134).

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